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Corporate Profile of AnchorZ Inc.

Message from the CEO

Masaaki Tokuyama, Founder & CEO

After working for United Airlines, Sharp System Products Co., Ltd., ARK Information Systems, Inc., and Trinity Security Systems, Inc., Masaaki established AnchorZ Inc. in 2009. Masaaki obtained an international patent for DZ Security, AnchorZ’s technology for background authentication technology in Japan, USA, and China, and have been gaining traction globally.

To provide products, services and talent that can make the society better, with a strong belief and fair mind.

“What kind of people are valuable and beneficial to the society?”
As a child, I wondered for as long as I could remember.

I grew up surrounded by excellent products and services that were manufactured during the period of rapid growth in Japan; I realized that “good” products and services gave people a feeling of happiness and satisfaction and significantly contributed to the society.

We should all respect the fact that each individual continues to make an effort to be a good person who can make products and provide services, as well as be a part of a good family and a good company. AnchorZ would like to develop excellent human resources and help them continue to grow with the company.

Company Overview

Company Name AnchorZ Inc.
Founder & CEO Masaaki Tokuyama
Director Hidenori Nakamura
Hitoshi Kanou
Outside Director Satoshi Umeda
Aichi Zama
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Hidehiro Takeichi
Adviser Sachio Semmoto
Goichiro Hanaoka
Masayuki Ikebe
Makoto Nagata
Established 1st April 2009
Description of Business Research, development, and sales of software products. Sales of applications using the elemental technologies of DZ Authentication, DZCloud, and PM Engine, as well as CalPush. Commissioned development and IT consulting services.
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Phone Number +81-(0)3-5829-6440
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Facsimile Number +81-(0)3-5829-6441
Partner Companies ARM Ltd (England)
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan)
Murata Machinery, Ltd.(Japan)
Agents DENTSU INC. (Japan)
Ryoden Corporation (Japan)
BellChild Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
Savant Solutions (India)
Enobyte GmbH (Germany)