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Convenience does not compromise your security.
This is the future of user authentication.

Ensuring ease of use and level of security is ideal for both companies and users. DZ Security makes the ideal real.

With our proprietary Background Authentication technology, users can be authenticated without logging in.

In addition to reducing the inconvenience of user authentication, DZ Security reduces the cost of retaining personal information as well as the risk of information spoofing and leakage.

「Face」 of the user
「Voice」 of the user

「Face」 of the user

DZ Security

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  • No need to have servers
  • No need to have servers

Characteristics of DZ Security

This innovative user authentication technology allows both companies and individuals to use a service securely without the inconvenience associated with login and registration.

1With Background Authentication,
your service no longer requires logging in.

The typical method of user authentication was to log in by entering an ID and password. However, this method does not ensure that it will be the same person that continues to use the device after logging in. To solve this problem, we developed an authentication technology based on a totally new concept. Multiple factors are recognized in the background as needed, including biometric information, such as face and voice, that can be naturally obtained while the smartphone is in use, along with behavioral information (habitual actions when using a device). Information about these factors is used to check whether the user is the registered person as required and authenticates the user continuously to prevent the threat of spoofing without relying on the login process.

What is Background Authentication?
「Face」 of the user
「Voice」 of the user
Voice of the user
「Behavior」 of the user
Behavior of the user

By integrating multiple types of biometric and behavioral information, as well as continuing to recognize the user in the background as required, the person is continually authenticated as the registered user while the device is in use. This is the world’s first background user authentication technology.

※ Behaviors that are unique to each individual such as distance between the device and the eyes
– The distance between the device and the eyes
– How the device is tilted

2No need to have servers store passwords and other personal information.

All user data for Background Authentication is stored on the user’s terminal. Therefore, login is no longer required for users, and servers for storing passwords and other personal information are no longer needed as part of the services. This technology reduces the workload of managing personal information and eliminates the risk of information leakage.

Background Authentication
3No need to register the same information with the services that use DZ Security.

When the platform service DZ Intelligent Access Platform (DZ IAP) is used, the information on identified and registered users can be shared with DZ Security-based services. Therefore, the information the user needs to register for a new service on the same platform is the difference only, which will provide a more comfortable and convenient user experience.

This technology can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or PC.
International patents obtained

Patents were granted to the above technology.
The Integrated Authentication Algorithm is proprietary technology patented on a global basis, and we are developing products based on this core technology.

Compatible Devices

This technology can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

This technology can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or PC.
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Case Study

Kiraboshi Bank
Kiraboshi Bank

The bank implemented DZ Security for its internal system. The bank is currently measuring how DZ Security’s stress-free login method and higher security has improved its operational efficiency.

City of Yokohama
City of Yokohama
Municipal government

The city implemented DZ Security to prevent spoofing of unauthorized attendees for video-based online training courses. As a result, only authorized persons were able to attend the course, and the city was able to check and verify whether the attendees were actually in front of the screen from start to end.

Innovation with DZ Security®

Having the world’s first background user authentication technology called Background Authentication® as its core technology, AnchorZ intends to innovate user authentication for greater convenience and security by working with different hardware and software vendors.

Reducing the inconvenience of user authentication for login or registration

You no longer need to
log in to apps or devices!
DZ Intelligent Access Platform™

The technology also generates a unique identifier,
an ID that proves the user is the only individual identified by Background Authentication.

DZ Intelligent Access Platform™

This platform service identifies an individual with a unique issued identifier and allows information sharing between the services that use DZ Security. It is no longer necessary to register personal information every time when starting to use a new service.

The user is recognized as a key, and the seamlessness of services is not impaired by the user identification processes, making

the world freer and more convenient.


Eliminate the Inconvenience and Anxiety of User Authentication

Masaaki Tokuyama,
Masaaki Tokuyama, Founder & CEO

AnchorZ Inc. develops and manufactures software products based on its proprietary patented technology. It sets a goal of eliminating the inconvenience and anxiety of user authentication.

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